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Lori H.

Pure Vibe Studio is a very warm and welcoming environment and the staff is very friendly and I would recommend it to anyone.

Ashley M.

The Pure Vibe Studios is an amazing place. My sister told me to go check out the leggings and I probably tried on every pair in the store. I was so impressed with the amazing service, so helpful, honest and really focused on making sure I left happy, which I totally did. The atmosphere was incredible and I wished I actually lived in Lloyd as I would be at a class every day! Thank you so much for the amazing experience I will be back again for sure.

Tracy W.

The special floors are great. I appreciate the floor has antibacterial properties as I typically never go barefoot in any public place. The floor is extra comfy for my knees, feet, and palms. Thank you ladies for my new favorite place to spend spare time! I loved Surfset balance as much as revkor and am loving the yoga sessions too.

Jessica S.

I love Pure Vibe Studios!

Reagan M.

I attended my second class, the room was nice and full and had a great vibe. I thought the class was super fun as always, and had a really good flow to it. I never notice how fast the time flies by! I'm looking forward to my next class already!! 🙂

Simone S.

To sum it up I think Pure Vibes is a phenomenal studio!! I am so happy that Lloyd now has a place like this. It's fun, thorough, unique and effective! Between the nice staff, the beautiful atmosphere and the fun yet challenging classes I no longer dread going to work out I now look forward to it 🙂